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Bali Retreat Location Information

We’ve put together some facts around the countries where we host our retreats. The factsheets we have put together are intended to help you to prepare for the retreat in terms of what to bring climate-wise, what the main currency and official language is, as well as information on how to get there.

In addition you can also read this brief article on ‘What to bring to a yoga retreat’.

Official LanguageBahasa Indonesia and Balinese. As Bali is a province of Indonesia and there are many different ethnic groups living there, Bahasa Indonesian is the most widely spoken language.

English is also spoken particularly in the key tourist areas such as Seminyak and Kuta.
CurrencyIndonesia Rupiah (IDR). US$1 = 13,250 IDR, see for the current exchange rate.

Generally you will need Rupiah everywhere – bringing US Dollars can be useful though to exchange as ATMs can be temperamental and not accept foreign bank cards.

Major cards are accepted at larger establishments only (hotels, restaurants, supermarkets) though markets and smaller shops as well as beachside bars may only accept cash payments.
Main airport(s) relevant to our retreat locationNgurah Rai International Airport (DPS) in Denpasar
Travel DocumentsFor most travellers (incl. US, UK, rest of Europe) only a valid passport is required. It is strongly recommended that the passport is still valid for another 6 months, apart from that there are no restrictions.

Upon arrival you will need to purchase a 30-day Visitor Visa for US$35. We strongly recommend to have the correct change ready as this will speed up the process.
Getting there / airport transfersYou will receive individual email with specific instructions regarding your airport transfer from Bali (DPS) Airport.
Check in / out timesCheck in into rooms is from 3pm, so in case you arrive prior you can relax by the pool, head to the beach or grab a bite at one of the hotel restaurants until your room is ready.

Check out is from 11am, please make sure you have your bags ready and packed by that time. You can leave them at the Vasanti until your airport transfer on the final day.
What to bringAs it is very hot and humid in Bali, please bring plenty of sunscreen (SPF30+) there is nothing worse than being in a hot yoga class with a sunburn!

Due to the climate, mosquitoes might come out at night and early morning, please bring a mosquito repellent.

Please also bring a bottle which can be refilled with water to minimize waste. There will be water dispensers available before each class.

Please note: Tap water in Bali is not drinkable – only use filtered water from provided water dispensers or purchased water!
Yoga facilitiesWe have teamed up with the local Jiwa Bikram Yoga studio and all classes will be held there. The studio is only a few minutes away and we’ll provide transfers for each class.

All Yoga mats and towels are provided.
LaundryThe hotel provides laundry services – please refer to the price list available in your room.
TippingAs tipping is done in very different ways across the globe, please note that in Bali salaries are quite low we always suggest to tip in restaurants and bars for around 10% minimum – if service isn’t included already. This is not an obligation but just a suggestion.
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