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What to bring to a Hot Bikram Retreat?

You did it! You’ve researched, compared, evaluated – and booked yourself into your (maybe first?) yoga retreat! At this stage you are still a bit giddy with excitement about having ‘taking the plunge’ to spoil yourself with this well-deserved holiday that will be all about YOU. Plenty of yoga, good food, comfortable accommodation, beautiful scenery, friendly people, and more all ahead!

Now, with the weeks and days passing by and getting closer to your retreat you start thinking about what you should bring with you.

So firstly, consider where you’re going to. With most of our retreats at Free Spirit Yoga Retreatswe love the heat (no kidding 😉 ) so our retreats are set in hot climates such as South-East Asia, Central America, South of Europe, North Africa, etc. In the first place, make sure you’ve thought about any vaccinations and shots you may require – really, most of the places we go to you won’t require any as they have been picked for comfort and ease – and would never pose a risk to health or wellbeing. It’s your yoga holiday at the end of the day!

Then the other important thing is – consider the heat. Being a lover of Bikram Yoga you know all too well what it means to be hot but it can still be a different experience being in a country where it’s constantly hot and often very humid. Our retreats locations usually have air-conditioning available to get a break from the heat but while being out and about never forget to keep hydrated! As well as protecting yourself from the sun. So think: sunscreen (at least SPF 30+), hats, light long-sleeved clothes, or a scarf, sarong to cover yourself when it gets too much – especially those precious shoulders that like to burn.

One of the first things in the morning after the yoga class and a shower should be lathering yourself in sunscreen – and don’t forget your feet, behind the knees, and even your scalp – particularly if you sport a parting. A burnt scalp really is no fun!

Other than that of course – light clothing, think layers though – for one you would want sometimes to cover yourself from the sun but also in some places it can cool down significantly during the night, so have a light cardigan or jumper in your suitcase too.

Shoes – most of the time, you won’t really need all those shoes you thought you really did when packing, as it will be flip-flops and sandals most of the time – but a pair of trainers or other closed shoes for a jungle hike for instance can come in handy. Also – for the girls, a pair of pretty sandals or even a pair of heels for that time you may want to hit a bar.

And of course – plenty of yoga clothes! With a minimum of 2 classes a day you’ll go through a lot of changes – but all retreat locations generally have laundry services available too.

Finally – you may want to pack some mosquito repellent as hot and humid climates bring those annoying bities with them…bearing in mind that often it’s a good idea to purchase the local variant as they tend to be best suited for the local mozzies.

….and this is it really! Once you’ve booked your spot and your flight – the hard part is done – everything else will be covered by your retreat hosts. All you have to do is get yourself there, arrive & ENJOY!

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