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Private Retreats

Are you looking to host a private Retreat for your studio only, your company or group of friends ? But you don’t really know where to go or how to advertise /price it and don’t want to worry about all the little details involved? Then talk to us.

For some time now  we have also been organising private retreats for Bikram Yoga Studio owners as well as group of friends who just don’t want to focus their whole energy and spare time in organising these events; as you can imagine a lot of preparation and planning is going into a perfectly planned week.

We offer the following range of services- you choose whether you would like to take advantage of the full service offering or only elements of it;

  • Providing you with a choice of different retreat locations based on your expectations, such as budgets, location, level of comfort, etc.
  • Rate negotiations with the chosen retreat location for the desired package
  • Development of a pricing and payment plans based on rates and margin requirements.
  • Development of promotional material such as flyers and posters to be put out at your studio
  • Creation of the weekly retreat schedule
  • Organisation & planning of meal plans ensuring suitability for the different dietary requirements of participants
  • Handling of enquiries and bookings such as enquiries/questions about the location, meals, weekly schedule, transfers etc.
  • Liaising with the retreat location in regard to retreat organisation – such as room allocation, dietary requirements, studio schedules and provision of equipment etc.
  • Development of other retreat-relevant material such as feedback forms

We take great pride in continuously receiving outstanding feedback and reviews as well as repeat bookings from our retreat guests, and feel that our success is due to Sandra & mine combined skill sets and experience that lie in the following:

  • over 8 years of experience in Sales, hence we negotiate the best rates/packages with retreat partners/ airline/transport agencies, etc.
  • we have both travelled the world extensively, have lived in different countries in Europe for many years, 4 years in Australia, have crossed the globe a few times and because of that have established an extensive network of friends, (ex-)colleagues and business partners.
  • we have both degrees International Business and Management and thus can actually do the numbers as well (which is very important when it comes to organising these retreats as there are many hidden costs involved in contracts with the hotels, such as exchange rate fluctuations that need to be taken into account.
  • we have over 7 years experience in Social Media and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – in case you want to advertise your retreat on a big scale
  • and last but not least, we have experience in organising and running successful retreats; so we know about the difficulties inexperienced organisers can run into because organising and running a successful yoga holiday, has little to do with the ability to teach a great yoga class.

Also, please note; we will NOT advertise your retreat in conjunction with Free Spirit Yoga Retreats in any way or market your retreat in any way together with ours. We are the organisers in the background for YOUR holiday NOT the competition to your retreat. Our retreats are geared towards the general Bikram Yoga community around the world (we have on average 6 nationalities attending our retreats) – so not students from a particular studio like in your case or private groups of friends.

contact us at for more information

Christiane + Sandra

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