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What to wear to Bikram Yoga?

When preparing physically and mentally for your class, it will aid your practice considerably to think about what to wear to Bikram Yoga. The heat and intensity of this style of workout dictates that light clothing be worn, so as your body begins to sweat and detoxify- this process is not impeded by heavy or non-breathable garments.

Most people find the sweat rejuvenating, if not a little confronting at first. The sweat is the body’s way of cooling itself down, and those who practice regularly recommend that you don’t try to wipe it away or dry yourself until the completion of the class, however tempting it may be. Think of it as the body ridding itself of all of its toxins, cleansing itself wholly and completely from inside out.

Every individual has their threshold for heat tolerance, what may vary also is your level of self-consciousness. You may find it a little uncomfortable at first, completing such an intense workout in little clothing, so if this is the case- wear light and comfortable clothing that you feel confident moving around in. Those who practice Bikram Yoga regularly however find it better to wear fitted clothing, for several reasons- the main one being the ability to see your body in the mirror and be able to correct or check your alignment in your reflection throughout the duration of the class.

Your level of comfort will also determine your preference when it comes to Bikram Yoga clothes. Whilst it is important that you try and reduce the stress on your body from the heat of the yoga room, it is far more important that you are comfortable during the class. Being distracted by uncomfortable or ill-fitting clothing will affect your ability to focus, and really listen to the direction you’re receiving from your instructor. Your instructor will be speaking quickly, and each part of the dialogue is designed to guide you through the poses. Distraction from this dialogue will have a negative impact on your ability to move through each pose correctly.

The series of 26 poses and 2 breathing exercises requires not only a great deal of concentration, but also a wide range of movement. Select clothing that allows for this, as well as being light and comfortable, and you’ll be ready to conquer Bikram Yoga!

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