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Benefits of Bikram Yoga

A healing and restorative practice, Bikram Hot Yoga produces many benefits for the mind, body and soul. These include detoxification, weight loss, increased mental clarity, reduced stress and increased vitality.

Lungs are stretched and flushed out by increased blood circulation. The endocrine glands are encouraged to secrete appropriate hormones, and the communication between hormones and various glands and systems of the body is perfected.

The massive elimination of toxins from the body occurs primarily through sweat. The heat thins down the blood and allows it to perfuse deeply into body tissues and organs. Toxins and waste are eliminated through the organs of elimination.

The nerves are stimulated by compression and extension, improving communication within the systems of the body and supplying fresh blood, oxygen and nutrients throughout. The brain is stimulated by improved circulation and by varying blood pressure.

There is a general improvement in diet as the body craves healthier food and the appetite becomes regulated resulting in normalized weight.

Mentally, Bikram Yoga cultivates the faculties of faith, self-control and patience which results in increased clarity and peace of mind. It harmonizes the nervous and endocrine system which also helps balance the emotions.

The hot environment demands a sharpening of mental focus, concentration and determination. This causes the chatter of the mind to decrease, leaving one less mentally preoccupied, both in and out of the class.

Overall, Bikram Hot Yoga is a powerful tool for health and transformation. It is a practice of active self-care and when practiced consistently the improvements in and out of the hot room are remarkable.

Information sourced from the Bikram Hot Yoga official website

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