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Are the Bikram Yoga teachers certified?

Yes all the teachers who teach at our retreats are Bikram Yoga Certified teachers and have been to and graduated from the teachers training.

Is there a heated room available?

We generally partner with retreats who have a heated room – however, in some locations we may have outdoor sessions depending on weather & climate, for instance, in the summer / dry season in places such as Marocco, Goa, Bali,…Only if it’s hot of course! Don’t worry you will sweat enough!

How many people will be going to the retreat?

Between 20-32 people, depending on availability.

Can I talk to the teacher after the class or when I have any questions?

Yes, of course you should. All our teachers are willing to help and would gladly answer any questions you have.

Have you visited the retreats yourself?

Yes, all retreats are handpicked by us and have been visited by ourselves prior to the start of the retreat. So no nasty surprises!

Is there anything special I need to bring to the retreat?

Your yoga wear and a big smile 🙂

Due to the location of some of our retreats please make sure you take sun protection and mosquito repellent with you. Yogamats and towels are provided.

Are children allowed at the retreat ?

No, as much as we love children for now we want to keep the retreats adult only so all yogis can focus as much as possible on developing their practice – as well as have a relaxing time.

We are looking though at suitable retreats that provide childcare facilities and/or child-friendly activities for retreat participants to bring along their children to enjoy a vacation full of Bikram Yoga as well as with their little ones. We will keep you updated.

Can I take my partner to the retreat?

Yes of course – all of our retreats offer double occupancy rooms, just indicate so when booking. We do encourage all participants to join in our classes as much as possible – newbie or experienced.

How do I get from the airport to the retreat location?

All our retreats cover local transfer to and from the local airport. Please don’t forget to advise us on the time and date of your arrival. We will take it from there.

Are there alcoholic beverages sold at the retreats?

It depends on the retreat. Some of our partnering retreats offer alcohol and have a bar menu others don’t.

Do your retreats cater for special diets?

Yes. We kindly ask you to advise us as soon as possible of your dietary requirements. Some retreats might request a daily surcharge for very special requests but it can all be done.

Do I have to take part in the activities scheduled?

No, we don’t force you to take part in anything. Do as much or as little as you like. They are fun activities though and a great way of exploring the country, beaches and people. But its really up to you!

I am taking medications, are their chemists close by?

We strongly advise you to take any prescriptive medication with you. Some of our locations are very remote or not close to a major town or city.

Do I need travel insurance?

It is not compulsory but  we highly recommend to get travel insurance. It just makes things easier.

Can I stay longer at the retreat centre after the 7 days?

In most cases yes, depending on the availability of rooms. Some retreats offer up to 50% discount to Free Spirit Yoga Retreats participants.Check with us

Are flights to the retreat location included ?

No. Return transfers from the closest airport are included but not the international flights.

What happens if there is a natural disaster or war happening before the start of the retreat?

We will cancel the retreat immediately .We do not ever want to put our retreat participants in danger or compromise on their safety. We can in this event not repay any funds paid to us already and  as such advice all retreat guests to get travel insurance. 

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