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Kathy Durham

kathy durhandHaving just moved to Bend, Oregon, my friends invited me to my first Bikram class in September 2004. They joked, “You’re from South Texas – you like the heat – come sweat with us!” All of my buried anxiety, frustration, depression, and suffering began to melt away with the first deep inhale and exhale. Eagerly supported by my partner, my family, friends, and teachers, that first class quickly turned into 10 classes, 1 month became 3 months, and soon training seemed inevitable as I found the simple remedy to feel energized, confident, and on my way to feeling whole once again.

For the past 10 years, my personal transformation has been gained through onsistent practice. Extensive energy and effort has been placed on the deep understanding of every part of this practice. Through much travel to trainings, seminars, and  workshops, a strong foundation in the physical aspect of yoga led me immediately to
the world of competition. Each year as I have competed Regionally (in both Oregon and Texas) and Nationally (placing 3rd in 2007 and 8th in 2014), I have propelled my level of concentration and ability to focus on alignment as the basis of this practice. Gathering insight from all perspectives of teachers, coaches, and mentors and
learning how to apply each person’s advice and training regimen has vastly improved my own mind-body connection. This collective understanding of our yoga community in a greater social scale has built a platform from which I can share my knowledge and experience with others.

Kathy DurhandAs a teacher, my greatest inspiration is driven by students’ continuous effort and desire to further their own personal goals. Every opportunity to relate my perspective with students is motivation to remain engrossed, intrigued, and humbled by the gift of yoga, health, and wellness. Whether in a new town, discovering a new route, or hiking up on the next mountaintop, yoga keeps me grounded and connected to all things. My travels bring new insights, teach me grand lessons, and introduce lasting friendships everywhere. I am always thankful to the friends that took me to class that first fall day years ago. They set me on a journey in which the course of my life is on the best path possible. My practice and teaching has instilled grand confidence to encourage others
to truly know themselves in order to help others shine.


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