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Kate Brown

kate-brown-2I’ve had an interest in yoga and other practices from the east from a very young age. I remember sitting in my garden at home at the age of 8 trying to teach myself to meditate! I was doing a lot of kickboxing, other martial arts and running as a teenager and it really started to take it’s toll on my body. My back was hurting and I was sick of seeing bruises all over my body. So in 2007 I went to my very first bikram yoga class. I loved it. It was hot – so very hot. And hard.  And I walked out feeling fantastic. I woke up the next day feeling fantastic. And this glorious bikram buzz lasted a good few days to follow. So, for the next few months i continued going to bikram about once a week – to help tone my muscles and gain some flexibility.

kate-brown-3It wasn’t until I started experiencing some hurdles in life that I really got the bikram bug.  I was doing it to feel good not just physically but mostly mentally and emotionally.. Bikram yoga helped me deal with some very challenging times. In 2010 I decided I wanted to be a teacher. So I went off to Las Vegas, where Bikram was holding the trainings at the time, and dedicated 9 weeks on my life – 24/7 – to learning from Bikram about how to help others.

Since then, I’ve taught at about a dozen different studios in the USA, Australia and New Zealand. I’ve taught over 900 classes, and people from all walks of life. Young and old. I’m currently pursuing my interests in health and well being by studying to become an osteopath. The biggest thing that I’ve gained from my yoga practice and teaching is this – everything starts within you. Your health, happiness, peace. Listen to yourself. Do what feels good. Stay in tune with what your body wants. And look after it, you only get one.


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