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Karli McGuiness

Karli McGuiness is a 4th generation yogi from a line of Hatha, Ashtanga, Kundalini, and Bikram Yoga teachers.stH2k+2

She followed in her family’s footsteps in 2010 when she took part in the National Asana Competition and attended Bikram’s Teacher Training. She has been teaching throughout the U.S. ever since. Although she respects and loves all styles of yoga, Bikram yoga has had the most profound positive impact on her life; making it a sequence that she feels privileged to share with her students.

Fascinated by the anatomical and biological benefits of yoga, Karli continues to research the latest scientific findings in order to enrich her teaching of the practice. Karli has done a lot of independent research to discover why yoga is so effective on an anatomical level. Conducting interviews with Barnard and Columbia University neuroscientists and with “Pure Action” based in Texas, has aided in her goal to expand her love for yoga into the scientific realm.
Here is a link to her blog, and specifically a post on Yoga and Neurology – and another one on breathwork

Further, Karli has worked in collaboration with Shape Magazine to created many amazing yoga videos; see below. You’ll see that some of her yoga influences like Vinyasa, Dharma, Ashtanga, and Restorative have a place in these sequences. She strongly believes that there is a big benefit from practicing all styles of yoga, whichever resonates with you!

On this webpage you can click the links in green to see the Shape Website videos: http://karlij.nyc/projects/god-godss+sideways

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