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Gianna Purcell

giannayogaOn a recommendation, Gianna walked into her first yoga class as a means to heal her back and joint pain and to end her two year streak of sedentary living. The results she experience were astronomical and unexpected.

After just a few weeks of practice, Gianna’s pain levels had noticeably decreased; within a year of practice she was off lingering ADHD medication, anti-depressants and sleeping pills. Two years into her practice she began advanced asana training and by year three was a certified Bikram teacher.

Gianna competes in asana championships placing first regionally and nationally and second internationally. She continues to train and progress to improve her practice but also her teaching. “My goal in competition is never to beat the other yogis. My objective is challenge. In challenging my physical practice, my knowledge of the body and postures greatly improves allowing me to better help my students in their yoga journey.”

Gianna holds advanced asana training sessions, advanced classes and workshops for all leveled practitioners worldwide.

She currently lives in Chicago.

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