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Derek Stout

Derek Stout, Certified Instructor & Studio Director


Even though I grew up in a world of health and wellness I was not a very healthy person. By 14 I had tried every diet, counted calories, and was still overweight.
It was after being diagnosed morbidly obese that I put thought into action. I forced the fat off my body until at 16 I took my first Yoga class at Bikram Yoga Dallas and never looked back. The second breath of that first class self-realization hit me between the eyes. With my heart pounding, sweat in my eyes, the teacher commanding instruction, I was fully connected to my breath, body, and mind. Never before had I exercised so completely. My entire body and brain went to the cleaner.
After 12 years of practice I still get that great feeling from my practice. Yoga brings a balance of lifestyle that is conducive to long, healthy living. My practice and faith move me toward a healthy body and a peaceful mind.
Since my Bikram certification in 2006 I’ve taught Yoga both internationally and in the US, and served as a staff member at Bikram’s teacher training program in Hawaii. Most recently, I held management positions in Oswego, New York, and taught in Brewster MA, Boston, and Savannah, Georgia. I am a certified Unnata Aerial Yoga instructor and hold a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the University of North Texas. It is in the spirit of community, joy, personal growth, and fun, that I share my passion how Yoga is totally awesome. I look forward to meeting you in the hot room soon!
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