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Celeste Cruz

Celeste began practising Yoga 5 months before she went to Teacher Training in Acapulco Mexico during the fall of 2008.It was recommended by her studio owners in Florida and while it had never occurred to her to do so, once suggested she never turned back.
She started practising Bikram Yoga with no goal in mind, no great lover of hear or extremes. She just put her mat down every day eager to see where it took her. She trusted the process without even thinking about it. She enjoyed the community feeling she got from it and the testing of her abilities. She spent her first year teaching in her home state of Florida.
From that starting point has sprung a much deeper connection to her body, breath, mind and energy.  Bikram Yoga has become her greatest hobby, her primary social network, her daily excersize, her detox, her refuel, her travel companion, the place where she has worked my hardest and shined her brightest, her teacher, and has afforded me the opportunity and the beautiful insights of sharing with others.

Celeste then moved to NYC and then Australia for a year. She was able to travel and teach throughout Oz whilst visiting and practicing in both Thailand and Bali. Now back in NYC, she is teaching people from all over the world in the 5 studios in NYC.

Her yoga has been with her, teaching her, transforming her, growing within her, both perspiring and inspiring her.
Its a joy and a consistent practice that brings her comfort and courage. Sharing this yoga has been one of her greatest lessons in life thus far.

Watching the practice unfold internally as well as with others continues to inspire her. Every Day. All over inside out. With her happy smiling face.

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