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Newsletter 2016-1

Dear Hot Yogis,

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2016. We hope you had a great start to the New Year as much as we did!

Apologies for the delay but we were busy running three fantastic retreats in Panama the past couple of months. Check out here the pics!

What does a week with Free Spirit Yoga Retreats looks like?

We get this question asked many times and as much as we would like to give you a firm answer we simply can’t as all of our retreats are planned differently depending on where you will be joining us.

This is due to many factors, and we thought we give you a bit of an overview of what plays a role when putting together a retreat schedule for the week. At the bottom of the page you will also find a link with examples of schedules from past retreats to give you a better idea.

Here are the various factors we consider when putting together the individual retreat schedules:

1. The specific teacher joining and teaching at our retreats and their specific expertise. 

At some retreats we will be offering advanced classes where at others we offer extensive workshops and posture clinics on different topics. 

We have held backbending workshops, specific stretching postures for yogis, wall-walking techniques and much more. But we will always offer daily Bikram Yoga classes! 🙂 

2. Further (and this is probably one of the most important factors when putting together our retreat schedule), the weather plays an important role as well as we do not like to take our guests on temple tours in Bali or beach walks in Mexico when it is raining (obviously 🙂 ) or on surf classes in Panama when there are no waves 😉 ! Hence this is why when guests that have just signed up for one of our retreats ask us for the retreat schedule in advance we cannot provide them with a definite plan yet as it always only gets finished a week or so before the actual retreat starts.

3. Thirdly, the mix of the group and their previous yoga experience plays also a role in what our schedule for the week will look like. 

That’s why we use a quite elaborate booking form to gather as much information as possible about our guests. We have had retreats with more than half of the guests being teachers and studio owners while we had others where most guests were beginners with hardly any Hot Yoga experience at all. The mix of this will impact the schedule and focus of the week as well. However, on 80% of our retreats we have a good mix of all levels of experiences and backgrounds and there will be always enough classes and posture clinics to choose from for everyone.

4. The amount of guests taking part in the Retreat: in Bali for example we have a lot of space and our group there last year consisted of 25 guest whereas in Panama or Mexico where we rent the whole villa for ourselves we are limited to 10-14 people maximum, Depending on the group size the activities might vary as well. 

We hope this gives you a bit of an overview of the different factors affecting our retreat plan please take a look here at some sample schedules from 3 previous retreats Bali, Panama and Mexico

If you would still like to join this year a fantastic week packed with awesome activities and fun while meeting new friends from all over the world, these are the retreats planned already.

Most of them are nearly booked out so join quickly and sign up on our website. Please also note, returning guests receive a 10% discount on any future Retreats they are booking. 

Upcoming Retreats: 

Hawaii – April 16th – April 23rd 2016 – with Cynthia Wehr
Bali – May 7th – May 14th 2016 – with Abria Joseph
Mexico – May 22nd – May 28th – with Jenilyn Braegger & 2nd teacher tbc
Panama – July 2016 – dates and details tbc
Sri Lanka – August 2016 – dates and details tbc

For more information and to book your spot head to our website or send us an email to 

We hope to be locking our knees with you in paradise very soon!


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